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Denali (formerly Mt. McKinley), Alaska

Denali's Howl: The Deadliest Climbing Disaster on America's Wildest Peak

By Andy Hall
In the summer of 1967, twelve young men ascended Denali, then known as Mount McKinley. Engulfed by a once-in-a-lifetime blizzard, only five made it back down. Andy Hall, a journalist and son of the park superintendent at the time, was living in the park when the tragedy occurred and spent years tracking down rescuers, survivors, lost documents, and recordings of radio communications.

Denali National Park: The Complete Guide to the Mountain, Wildlife, and Year-Round Outdoor Activities

By Bill Sherwonit.
The most comprehensive guide to one of North America's most wild and varied places details all the information a traveler needs for a great Denali area experience, whether by bus, car, train, bike, boat, or foot. With this guide in hand you can explore the park's visitor facilities, raft whitewater rapids, pick berries, climb the continent's highest mountain, backpack through forest and tundra, watch grizzlies dig for ground squirrels, share a ridgetop with Dall sheep, attend sled-dog demonstrations, go on ranger-guided hikes, camp in solitude within glacially carved valleys, and much more.

Denali National Park & Preserve Adventure Set

By Waterford Press.
The set consists of a Pocket Naturalist Guide and National Geographic map, ideal, lightweight references to take hiking or driving while exploring this spectacular region. Waterford's folding pocket-sized Denali Wildlife guide is a beautifully illustrated reference to over 100 familiar and unique species of animals and includes a regional map of the area. National Geographic's Denali National Park and Preserve Trails Illustrated Map is a waterproof, tear-resistant map that features detailed topographic information of the region, useful traveling tips, plus up-to-date information on trails, roads, and points of interest.

Denali's West Buttress: A Climber's Guide to Mount McKinley's Classic Route

By Colby Coombs.
The only guide devoted solely to this classic route (used by almost all climbers who summit Denali), with historic aerial photos by one of the route's pioneers, Bradford Washburn.

In the Shadow of Denali: Life And Death On Alaska's Mt. Mckinley

By Jonathan Waterman,
In this collection of exhilarating and stunning narratives, the author paints a startlingly intimate portrait of the huge mountain and brings to vivid life men and women whose fates have entwined on its sheer icy peak.

Denali Justice

By Peter A. Galbraith.
In mid-December, 1981, a small air taxi crashed at 10,300’ on the slopes of Denali. All four people aboard survived the crash and the wreckage was quickly located. The weather was good the next morning but no rescuers landed nearby and no emergency supplies were airdropped. After four days and nights, a volunteer civilian climbing team reached the wreckage and U.S. Army Chinooks airlifted survivors off the mountain. Two years later, a lawyer in sole practice in Alaska filed a civil suit arising from the Mt. McKinley rescue against the Army, Air Force, Federal Aviation Administration, and National Park Service. This true story of the crash, the ordeal on the mountain, and volunteer and government rescue efforts unfolds through eyewitness testimony at trial.

The Storms of Denali

By Nicholas O'Connell
Reaching into and above the clouds, the peak of Denali is the highest and coldest summit in North America. In this novel of adventure, adversity, and ambition by a renowned mountaineer and writer, four men set out to conquer it. Among the sharply drawn team members is narrator John Walker, a family man trying to choose between domestic stability and mountaineering’s uncertain glory. In the course of their ascent the group battles avalanches, fierce winds, and mind-numbing cold before their bond begins to splinter, leading inexorably to tragedy. Throughout the book, the author’s first-hand experience lends vivid reality to the formidable challenges of the mountain and to the bonds formed and broken in the pursuit of its summit. Beyond the physical tolls, O'Connell presents in stark relief the internal debate about the price of success—all the more urgent at the earth's extremes.

Great Exploration Hoaxes

By David Roberts.
Did Peary reach the North Pole? Was Admiral Byrd the first to fly over it? Did Frederick Cook actually make the first ascent of Denali (Mt. McKinley)? Spanning 450 years of history, Great Exploration Hoaxes tells the spellbinding stories of ten men who pursued glory at any cost even the truth. Acclaimed author and explorer David Roberts delves deeply into the psychology behind the stunt and asks why these individuals, all of whom were exceptionally able, would perpetrate fraud on such a grand and public scale and defend it to their deaths, even in the face of damning evidence, and why these dubious achievements are still so hotly debated, often hundreds of years afterward.

Mountaineering in Denali National Park
The National Park Service site has extensive information, from history to yearly summaries of climbing activities and current weather conditions on Denali.