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Northern Fishing & Hunting

Alaska Fishing Videos

Alaska Fishing: The Ultimate Angler's Guide
by Limeres
Publishers Design Group; 3rd edition (March 2005)
464 pages

The title of this book is accurate - it really is the most complete fishing guide ever written about Alaska's world class fishing.

Fishing Alaska's Kenai Peninsula: A Complete Angler's Guide
by Dave Atcheson
Countryman Press, October 2002
192 pages

Atcheson provides information on both fly fishing and conventional spin casting in both fresh and salt water. He covers every style of fishing—from jigging for giant halibut off the coast, to float tubing for grayling and monster rainbow trout on quiet mountain lakes, to pursuing all the species of salmon that run up the streams of the Kenai Peninsula to spawn. He supplies detailed information on the well known "combat zones" that are so renowned for their large salmon and trout that anglers line up shoulder to shoulder in their pursuit. In addition, there's hard-to-find information on those out-of-the-way, beautiful stretches of water where one can still enjoy the beauty and the blessed solitude of the Alaskan wilderness. 30 black and white photographs, 5 illustrations, 10 maps, index.

Wild Men, Wild Alaska: Finding What Lies Beyond the Limits
by Rocky McElveen
Thomas Nelson, September 2007
224 pages

Professional hunting and fishing guide and outfitter Rocky McElveen tells the stories of his own adventures as well as those of some of his well-known clients. The book takes readers directly into the Alaskan bush, and shares the intense challenges of a majestic wilderness that pushes a man to his limits.

Bear Hunting in Alaska: The Brown & Grizzly Bear Hunter's Guide
by Tony Russ
Northern Publishing, 2004
256 pages

This book will guide you to successfully hunt the large coastal brown bears of Kodiak or the Alaskan Peninsula, and the smaller but more aggressive and colorful inland grizzly bears. Teaches every skill you will need to prepare for, scout, find, select, stalk, shoot and care for one of the most sought-after trophies on earth – the Alaskan brown bear and the Alaskan Grizzly.
Copies are also available at

Timeless Trails to the Yukon
by Delores Brown
Hancock House, April 2002
200 pages

Originally published by Gray's in 1971 as Yukon Trophy Trails, this is one of the classics of Yukon hunting literature. "I arrived 50 years too late for the big gold rush to the Klondike, but not too late to put the first footprints made by a white woman on many of the big game trails of the Yukon. Gold could not buy the enjoyment and appreciation of the great hunting areas of the Wind, Bonnet Plume, and Snake Rivers."

Hunting In The Upper Yukon
by Thomas Martindale
Kessinger, 2006
384 pages

Originally published by George W. Jacobs & Co. in 1913 as Hunting In The Upper Yukon (320 pages), this is the story of a hunting expedition into the remote Kluane Lake and White River regions.

From Out of the Yukon
by James H. Bond
Binfords & Mort, 1948.
220 pages.

Generally considered to be Bond's finest work - big game hunting in the Yukon Territory, including moose, caribou, mountain sheep, bears, and other game.
See this page for other classic Alaska-Yukon hunting books by Jim Bond.