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Women Writing About the Yukon Territory

Women have been writing about the Yukon Territory for well over a century - about their lives and about many other aspects of the territory. Here is a small sampling, with links for those available on the new or collector markets at this time:

Baskine, Gertrude
Hitch-hiking the Alaska Highway
Toronto ON: The Macmillan Company of Canada, 1946

Berton, Laura Beatrice
I Married the Klondike
Toronto ON: McClelland & Stewart, 1954

Black, Martha Louise
My Seventy Years
Thomas Nelson & Sons, 1938

Black, Martha Louise (Flo Whyard, editor)
My Ninety Years
Also published as Martha Black: Her Story From the Dawson Gold Fields to the Halls of Parliament
Anchorage AK: Northwest Publishing, 1976

Bompas, Charlotte (as told to S. A. Archer)
A Heroine of the North: Memoirs of Charlotte Selina Bompas (1830-1917), Wife of the First Bishop of Selkirk
Toronto ON: Macmillan, 1929

Brown, Dolores Cline
White Squaw: Adventures of a Lady Woodsman - A True Story of The Yukon
Prescott AZ: Wolf Publishing, 1992

Brown, Dolores Cline
Yukon Trophy Trails
Gray's Publishing, 1971

Brown, Dolores Cline
Timeless Trails to the Yukon
Surrey BC: Hancock House, 2002

Cantwell, Sister Margaret (in collaboration with Sister Mary George Edmond)
North to Share. The Sisters of Saint Ann in Alaska and the Yukon Territory
Victoria BC: Sisters of St. Ann, 1992

Cook, Ann
Running North: A Yukon Adventure
Chapel Hill: Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, 1998

Cruikshank, Julie
Life Lived Like a Story: Life Stories of Three Yukon Native Elders
Lincoln NE: University of Nebraska Press, 1990

Cruikshank, Julie
Reading Voices, Dan Dha Ts'edenintth'e: Oral and Written Interpretations of the Yukon's Past
Vancouver BC: Douglas & McIntyre, 1991

Cruikshank, Julie
The Social Life of Stories: Narrative and Knowledge in the Yukon Territory
Lincoln NE: University of Nebraska Press, 2000

Davignon, Ellen
The Cinnamon Mine: Memories of an Alaska Highway Childhood
Whitehorse YT: Studio North, 1988.

Day, Beth (with Helen Klaben)
Hey, I'm Alive
New York NY: Scholastic, 1969

DeGraf, Anna (edited by Roger S. Brown)
Pioneering on the Yukon 1892 - 1917
Archon Books, 1992

Driscoll, Cynthia Brackett
One Woman's Gold Rush: Snapshots from Mollie Brackett's Lost Photo Album 1898-1899
Kalamazoo, MI: Oak Woods Media, 1996

Dumond, Val; Lehrer, Babe
Mush On and Smile: Klondike Kate, Queen of the Yukon
Tacoma WA: Muddy Puddle Press, 2002

Dykstra, Monique
My Heart on the Yukon River: Portraits from Alaska and the Yukon
Pullman WA: Washington State University Press, 1998

Graeme, Toni
Women Who Lived and Loved North of 60
Victoria BC: Trafford Publishing, 2000

Hancock, Lyn
There's a Raccoon in My Parka: Adventures with Wildlife in British Columbia, Alaska and the Yukon
Doubleday, 1977

Hancock, Lyn
Lerner Publishing Group, 1996

Harbottle, Jeanne Connolly (and Fern Grice Credeur)
Woman in the Bush
New York NY: Pelican Publishing, 1966

Hayden, Joyce
Yukon's Women of Power: Political Pioneers in a Northern Canadian Colony
Whitehorse YT: Windwalker Press, 1999

Hayden, Joyce
Victoria Faulkner: Lady of the Golden North
Whitehorse YT: Windwalker Press, 2002

Johnson, Beth
Yukon Wild: The Adventures of Four Women Who Paddled 2,000 Miles Through America's Last Frontier
Berkshire House Publishing, 1984

Josie, Edith
Here are the News
Toronto ON: Clarke, Irwin & Company, 1966

Mayer, Melanie J.
Klondike Women: True Tales of the 1897-1898 Gold Rush
Athens, OH: Swallow Press, 1989

Morgan, Lael
Good Time Girls
Vancouver BC: Whitecap Books, 1998

Murphy, Claire Rudolf
Gold Rush Women
Seattle WA: Alaska Northwest Books, 1997

Pybus, Cassandra
The Woman Who Walked to Russia: A Writer's Search for a Lost Legend
Thunder's Mouth Press, 2002
Lillian Alling walked all the way from New York City to Russia in 1927, but why?

Ryley, Bay
Gold Diggers of the Klondike: Prostitution in Dawson City, Yukon, 1898-1908
Watson & Dwyer, 1997

Shand, Margaret Clark & Shand, Ora M.
The Summit and Beyond
Caldwell,ID: Caxton Printers, 1959

Smythe, Emma B. (as told to Hugh D. MacLean)
Yukon Lady: A Tale of Loyalty and Courage
Surrey BC: Hancock House, 1985

Vyvyan, Clara C.
Arctic Adventure
London: Peter Owen, 1961

Wallis, Velma
Raising Ourselves: A Gwich'in Coming of Age Story from the Yukon River
Seattle WA: Epicenter Press 2002

Wilson, Amy V.
No Man Stands Alone
Sidney BC: Gray's Publishing, 1965

Wilson, Renate
Thank God & Dr. Cass
Yellowknife, NWT: Outcrop Books, 1989
Elizabeth Cass once claimed that she'd examined every pair of eyes in the North. Opinionated and controversial, she battled the establishment for better health care, and in the process built a unique rapport with her patients.

Woolcock, Iris
The Road North: One Woman's Adventure Driving the Alaska Highway, 1947-1948
Anchorage AK: Greatland Graphics, 1990

Yardley, Joyce
Crazy Cooks & Gold Miners
Surrey, BC: Hancock House, 1993

Yardley, Joyce
Yukon Riverboat Days
Surrey, BC: Hancock House, 1996

Yardley, Joyce
Yukon Tears and Laughter
Surrey, BC: Hancock House, 2005

Various authors
Five Pioneer Women of the Anglican Church in the Yukon
Whitehorse YT: Women's Auxiliary, Anglican Church of Canada, 1964